Why Fully-Managed WordPress Hosting?

A website hosting company is, in simplified terms, the “location” or “server” where your website lives. Choosing the right host is an important decision for your website or online business.

Your choice is whether to go with Managed (Specialized) or Unmanaged (Generalized) Hosting

First, I’ll explain unmanaged or generalized hosts:

Some web hosts just provide “generalized” hosting to all types of web applications. Because of this, you will usually get cPanel, (S)FTP, a choice of different server side programming languages (PHP, ASP, etc.), a choice between MySQL, MSSQL, and more. You might also be able to install some powerful applications like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. This setup is powerful in that you can do a lot of things but lacks speciality and direction. Hosts like this generally don’t give you guidance on how to properly configure and optimize applications.

  • Advantages: Lots of options, Cheap
  • Disadvantages: Pretty much on your own to setup and optimize applications like WordPress, poor support, usually poor performance and server specs for the price
  • Offered By: GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc

Now I’ll explain specialized, or managed hosts:

In the context of WordPress, a managed host is a company that manages an installation of WordPress for you. This means that company will optimize the server, plugins, theme, etc. to work well with WordPress. Rather than giving you access to a toolbox like cPanel, you mostly just get access to your WordPress backend that comes pre-installed. With a managed host you don’t need to worry about having problems with WordPress because your host is there to help you and just “handle it” (to varying degrees). Managed hosts will enable you to get the most out of WordPress. I also find managed WordPress hosts give you better hardware (memory, processor, etc).

  • Advantages: Faster, more secure, easier to use, expert WordPress support
  • Disadvantages: Higher monthly cost, inability to host non-WordPress websites
  • Offered By: WP Engine, AmpWP, etc.

In general if you are serious about running a WordPress website or don’t have time or knowledge to deal with technical issues on your own, go with the managed host. It may cost more now but will save you money later.

Our Premium Hosting and Maintenance Plan Details

  • Fully-Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Blazing Fast Page Load Times
  • Bulletproof Security & Hack Protection
  • Daily Backups – Automated, redundant systems to support your critical data.
  • Firewall – Multiple, powerful firewalls between your data and outside threats.
  • Malware Scan – Proactive detection and elimination of dangerous malware.
  • Proprietary caching technology for massive scalability and speed.
  • 1-Click Restore – Instant backup and restore with easy Snapshot Backups.
  • Automatic WordPress Core Updates
  • Includes Troubleshooting & Support
  • Make Your Website Worry & Hassle Free!
  • Non-Profit Discount Available

Payment Options

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