Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Scalable Plans To Fit Your Budget
The famous movie line, “If you build it he will come,” worked well for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. Unfortunately, websites don’t work in the same way. Once a site is completed, you can choose to refer prospective customers to it through word of mouth, distributing your business card, or other forms of paid marketing. If you desire, you can also supercharge your efforts with SEO in order to get people to your virtual doorstep. SEO enables prospective clients to find your website when they are searching for the services you provide on search engines like Google, turning your site into a powerful marketing tool that works for you 24/7.

You may wonder if you have the budget for SEO, but for many companies the cost is fully offset by the first sale converted through this marketing technique. It is a bold step, but one that is sure to pay off in the long run. Choose our “Local Plan” which is designed to boost the rankings for companies targeting their local area, or our “National Plan” which is designed for companies who target customers across the country.

Cost Per Click Advertising

We’ll Manage Your Campaigns
Cost per click, as its name indicates, sounds like an advertiser’s dream come true. By using cost per click, also known as “CPC” or “PPC” (pay per click), ads shown on search engine pages and on other websites, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. And your ad only appears in response to certain keywords that you have selected. The major search engines offer pay-per-click advertising and typically have comprehensive online interfaces for setting up and starting your campaigns.

At Relevant Media Marketing, our knowledge and experience in this area allows us to set up, track and adjust your campaign for optimized results. Whether you are starting a test-campaign using a core set of exact keywords, or running advertising on large sets of “broad matches”, we apply the same diligence.

Website Analytics

Installed Only, or Monthly Managed Accounts Available
In marketing, knowledge is power. Website Analytics puts that power at the tip of your fingers. This isn’t your mom’s website visitor counter. We’ll install and manage a full suite of analytics tools that give you rich insight into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. If you’re ready to take web marketing seriously, this prepares you to write targeted online content, strengthen your marketing initiatives and convert your web traffic to paying customers.

When you combine Analytics with SEO, Social Media, or Email Marketing, the result is a well honed and powerful small business website.