Ways to increase website traffic

Advanced SEO Tips to Increase Your Traffic

SEO Company is an important factor to increase your website’s visibility to the search engine as they do everything what search engine crawlers need. So here are some advanced tips from a specialized SEO venture for you to get better ranking for the website in most of the search engines.

Author Markup: One of the latest developments in the Google is the author markup. It allows you to connect all of your work under your one single author profile on the internet. Author markup will increase your chances of getting higher ranks in the search engines as the ones who like your one article will search you and get a chance to visit your all other content under one roof instead of searching separately. This will give you a mutual benefit just because of one of your work. Increasing clicks on all of your work simultaneously. Such tips from SEO Company will give a great boost to your traffic.

Ego Bait: One of the most precise ways to measure the success rate of a blog is Ego Bait. It contains a list of all top blogs and a reason why they are developing a lot of traffic. If you are on the list of the blog’s Top 150 list you can add a badge on your site containing your rank. This badge will also create a back link to your site from Ego Bait and you will get a lot of considerable amount of success. It’s a very powerful SEO traffic driver. This tip is mostly for top rank blogs but if you could make it on the list you could use the amount of traffic you get from it. This SEO company tip is very considerable for you.

Mobile friendly site: According to a Google survey 52% of the traffic on the internet comes from mobile phone browser. So make your site user friendly and don’t make a copy of your site, make it user friendly with faster page loading and perfect ad placement because mobile users are more likely to click the ads due to its attractions than pc users. This SEO company tip seem to be a old one but as Smart phones are growing fast in our community the mobile web users are growing and as well as there need.

Examining Log files: Log files are the files in your dashboard of website which give a statistics of everything related to your website including traffic, keyword search and sources of traffic. If you want to increase traffic to your website you can have a look at you log files once or twice in a week because it will tell you which keywords are generating more traffic and which keywords are having a bad effect on your web so you can optimize your website the way you want and removing the unfamiliar keywords.

Translator feature: According to certain resources 60% of the people make searches on the internet with the languages other than the English. So if you want your website to be opened to a wide audience worldwide then you may include the translating feature at some proper place. And the competition is less in search engines that are used normally in languages other than English. You can easily get higher rank in that engine due to good content. This tip from SEO Company is also mandatory for you.