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Project management Software reviews for creative agencies

Ranging from making life easier as well as creating a very conducive work environment for project managers, work supervisors, as well as clients, the choice of creative agency software cannot be over emphasized. It is important for a firm to decide what suits her as well as the business. The choice of a perfect creative agency software will not only make life easier but will also save time as well as provide a sense of fulfilment to all involved party. This is  well i will going carrying out a detailed Function point software reviews in this piece.

This is the creative agency software review. A review page that is known for providing perfect analysis of the top creative agency software around such as various project management software, providing various analysis of the features of the software thus guiding you to make a choice that will be beneficial to both you as well as your firm.

However, my top agency software review will be taking a different turn today as I will be providing analysis on two of the best creative agency project management around thus guiding you to make the best decision. My review of top creative agency software this day will focus on the advantage software and the function point software.

Although, if you have been conversant with this review page, you will be conversant with the function point software review. But do not worry if you are not, as I will furnish you with the details of each software and a good comparison and leaving you to decide what is best for you. But to serve as a recap, below are the main characteristics feature of the function point project management software:

  • The function point project management software is really easy to use.
  • It is not majorly a project management software, the function point creative management software is capable of workflow management, customer relation management, time tracking, job scheduling, expense management as well as report creation.
  • The function point software is a multi-purpose cloud-based productivity software.
  • And also, the function point project management software is a fully integrated software designed for top creative agency out there


Product Title: The Function Point agency project management software

Product format: Software

Product Category: Creative agency software, project management software, top Creative agency software

Product Test status: Already tested and trusted.

Client Support: 24/7 Customer Support.

That above summarizes the features of the function point software. Now to the next on the review of top creative agency software is the advantage project management software. Below is the summary of the features:

  • Advantage is a robust, simple and easy to use software written with the latest technology.
  • Advantage was designed to work on all platform including mobile.
  • With the advantage software, new releases are turned out every month with contains mainly client’s suggestion enhancement.
  • Besides being a fully integrated project management software, advantage also provides Media Management, CRM, Agency management tools, etc.

Shall we now proceed to the details of each software? Just as I assured you at the commencement of this write up, the aim of this top creative agency software review is to give you detailed analysis of each of the software and guide you in making the decision that will benefit you, as well as your organisation.


Product Title: The Advantage project management software

Product format: Software

Product Category: Creative agency software, project management software, top Creative agency software

Delivery time: Instant Access

Product Test status: Already tested and trusted.

Client Support: 24/7 Customer Support.


Now for you to get a better understanding of this two top creative agency software, let me analyse the details of the features of each. Thus at the end of this review, you will be guided on the best creative agency software that suits you as well as your firm

  • Project Management.

With advantage, users are given the opportunity to cut excessive time and over-budget project scenarios so as to make tracking project easy right from start to finish. With the advantage software, users can create and customize their Job Jacket that gves you the opportunity to open as well as track project based on the sort of assignment. Besides, this creative software also facilitates speedy project updates where you can analyse risk with the risk analysis summary. You also get access to several project management tools such as the Gantt chart, project calendar etc.

With the Function point project management software however, users have the capacity to sync all project and task using an all-in-one cloud based productivity system. Also, what makes function point one of the best creative agency software is that there is no need for multiple application with separate logins. Users have the capacity to construct project schedule from available project templates and can as well get task assigned to members with the project milestone. Also, the various project worksheet in the function point software can be accessed in days, weeks, as well as month with the addition of a tie tracking app that allow users monitor project even on the go.

  • Web Based and Mobile Function

With the advantage project management software, staffs, clients, project managers etc., can cooperate, collaborate as well as access information with not only the computer system, but on mobile device as well. With advantage, you have a very organised work with everyone connected and carried along on the progress of the project. Thus regardless of the department or role, each and every members of the staffs are carried along thus there is smooth communication among all users. Also, what makes the advantage project management software outstanding is that there is a Client portal where they can get to communicate with your project team, thus information is easily circulated.

The function point project management software is also web based with mobile enabled feature. The function point software has a time tracking app that enables users keep track of time while on the go. It is available on major IOS devices. The app is very compatible with Apple Watch and can also take dictation of the job description using the Apple Watch Microphone.

  • Estimate and Invoicing:

Are you estimating a project for the sake of budgeting or to get a vendor quote? The advantage software takes care of it as it automates the whole process equipping you with tools that will help you estimate project cost with all accuracy. Advantage software creates estimates automatically from specifications, pre-set templates as well as project history based on previous assignment. Also, advantage makes sure that outsourced work are completed according to specifications as well as on budget.

With the function point however, project managers are provided with an estimate with a guaranteed accuracy because it utilizes assistance from information on past projects as well as previous clients embedded in the system. Also, what makes function point software one of the best creative agency software is that it has customizable templates making it easy to come up with new software, a very good way to save money and time? Also, the invoicing features as well gives users the privilege to make deposits, interims and batch invoices very efficient.


Apart from the obvious reasons of making job a lot simpler for organisations along with users, this innovative project management software is essential to effectively and accurately track time. This function point software will assist you with accounting and also in billing client’s project. With this Project management software for creative agency, a centralized in addition to a synchronized system will be developed where major information can be stored, in addition to being able to obtain with ease.

With the Function Point agent project management software, users will be offered not only an integrated time sheet with invoicing feature however also a complete workflow management option. Hence with the function point software, entrepreneur as well as the whole project crew will now have a single and basic system that holds all their data as well as helps reduce functional obstacles, boost performance in addition to increase earnings.


All in all, this best creative software review has carefully analyzed two of the top creative agency software in project management. We have shown you the excellent features of each project management software: the function point software as well as the advantage project management software.

Depending on the need of your organization, this top creative agency software review will guide you on the best choice. Keeping in mind that whichever you choose, you are bound to move your firm forward.

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