The Top 5 Features You Should Look For In An SEO Package

SEO packages are simply several SEO services bundled together into on nice and neat package. The benefit of SEO packages is its ability to save money and time while effectively optimizing your website. However, with the large number of SEO packages and varying levels of prices, it can be very difficult determining which package is best for your situation. In either case, the following information highlights the top five features you should look for in every package.

1. Keyword Research

As one of the most essential components of any search engine optimization package, the keywords must be effectively researched. The level the keywords were researched will have direct implications on the success of your campaign. Depending on the package you are considering, it should have a certain number of keywords the agency is targeting. The consultants should be trained to use a wide variety of methods and tactics to find the most formidable keywords that will drive traffic to your site. A few of the common tactics used are:

  • Analysis from Google Analytics 
  • Analysis of industry competition’s keywords
  • Implementing tools of research
  • Checking social networks for common language

2. Audit

Consultants will commonly conduct a technical audit of your entire website infrastructure. SEO consultants should take into consideration your current content management system and the architecture of your site, which are both vital components to the overall success of your SEO campaign. As one of the first steps a consultant can take, a complete audit should be done before the consultant begins optimizing your website. The analysis should include both off-page and on-page components to make sure there aren’t any type of technical roadblocks preventing your success.

3. Citation and Link Building

Your off-page components are vital to increasing the rank of your page on a search engine results page. Google treats citations and backlinks as a source of validation to your page’s value. The more backlinks and citations your pages has, the higher and more positive Google will rate the page. Most agencies include backlink building as a standard part of any SEO package.

4. Training

While the initial work should be done by the consultant, your employees should be empowered with training for SEO. Specifically, your employees should know how to use Google statistics, operate the content management system, and even apply certain optimization tools for the website. However, the level and depth of training will greatly depend on your current knowledge base of SEO. In the end of the training and the package, you should be able to make basic alterations to your SEO campaign.

5. SEO Copywriting

If your pages are in need of tweaking or rewriting, SEO copywriting may be included in the package. While several people may possess the skill of composing content, everyone isn’t trained to produce content for the web. In any case, the keywords must be used in a natural format in the body of the content. The overall goal is to engage readers and inform the search engine spiders about the subject of your content.

In addition to the previous services, you should also receive a dedicated SEO consultant and potentially several other additional services. Whether you have signed up with an SEO company directly, or you have chosen to utilize one or a few different SEO reseller packages, you should make sure these five components are included in your package for your optimum success. By looking for the right features and making sure the package suits your needs, you are on the right path to choosing the best SEO package available.